november 20, 2010


9 opmerkingen:

shorecut zei

the light is amazing...

India zei

I should say perfect,but I say that is an unbelievably perfect picture:D

Mike Webber zei

what an amazing picture, Amsterdam is a very beautiful place.

Saia Rea zei

emptiness. cold. fresh. nice.

Deb zei

Great shot!


Lauren zei

Love it... Totally amazing!

A Convicted Heart zei

Wow- how surreal, yet so accessible, too. Well done, good sir.

ladynight zei

I like this place
I was in Amsterdam, but I was running

I decided to follow your blog, maybe it's strange, but it gives me a sense of peace

Nick Vanetti zei

Very nice, I cant wait to visit this country. Feel free to see my blog, and do post :)