januari 15, 2011


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Intan Sakti Larasati Devi zei

I just blogwalking, and I found you here. You have great photographs, unfortunately, not much information can be derived from the photographs. All objects retrieved from close range. I like to see landscape photos, especially the atmosphere of the streets in cities in Europe.All your photos are very good, although I sometimes less understand what its meant. Regards.

Pia zei

Thats an interesting project you started. I like to know, where the pictures are taken and why you choose a motive for your pic of the day.

Penny Lane zei

Just came across your blog, I like the simplicity

Arzed zei

Greetings from Brunei Darussalam..
Taking pictures that attract attention and sharing them is a nice way to express ourselves. Good idea, I may do the same..

chelsea zei

Your blog is simply interesting!
Keep posting.

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Thomas zei

it it a spas hoper ?

Bookworm zei

hey there!!
i like the concept of your blog... but it would be nice if you can also write a little something about each photo that you take!! that would make it more interesting to know exactly why did that particular moment interested you so much that you just HAD to take a picture!

Cheers from Mumbai :)

Madhur zei

Love the idea, it is a lot like Mo Willem's book, "You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons" where he traveled around the globe doing what you did but with a cartoon a day.

moni zei

By chance I found your side and am enthusiastically from the simplicity and triviality of the things you every day takes photos.
Very interesting and good insights into the everyday life.
Greetings from Germany - moni

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Anoniem zei


o Vazio zei

let´s rock it all, brothers!