februari 08, 2011


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anni zei

http://annijau.blogspot.com/ (: read please (:

Delia Rae zei

Cool photos! Please check out my blog: http://thelash101.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

Tifa zei


Lucia zei

BEST WISHES FOR A SWEET VALENTINE`S DAY...full of Love and Happines.

JanEzInha $$$$$$$$ zei


Quiyada zei

You're a great photographer. Nice work.

Pass it On zei

Love it!

Dwy zei

so cool ;)

Wisata Dwi Jauri zei

so cool

NEO zei

nice picture with the rule of thirds clearly followed!

I wondered whether this would attract you as well, sorry if it doesn't!


FarrisFahad zei

Hi there

I would like to know why would you take a picture a day???

helenarte.com.br zei

É um ótimo lugar para dormir :)
It's a good place to sleep :)