maart 07, 2011


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Kathleen zei

I really like this pic. Somehow mystique!

Lathavijayakumar zei

so nice

AllaLuceDel zei

well...creativity....inspiring page...i saw your web site...very interesting...will follow your blog..

KayBee zei

Love the composition and the light ... I look forward to seeing what you see over the days to come.

Noah's Cape of Reality zei

Very interesting idea. I really enjoy this blog. Could you check out my blog potentially?


El juego de luz / sombra me agrada, saludos

Sabor Y Cultura de Brasil zei

¡Hi from south america!
¡Great pics!

Urban Exile zei

This photo reminds me of moments on the road when I am tired and no longer interested in being in the midst of an adventure and all I crave is a corner, a big easy chair, a blanket, a steam radiator and a cup of tea.

Santa Anna zei


missy majchrzak buckley zei

I like this...