september 29, 2011


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sunnypier mars zei

I like this photo of yours.

I had/have a similar idea too. Something like - A picture, A story, A day. I have the name ready, but have not got down to it yet. Someday soon :)

Will come back later and take a look at your other posts.

I have no idea what Reactie Publiceren means-probably React Publicly? Umm yes, I want to get my comment across to you, whether privately or publicly, so I guess that should be okay.

On the other hand, what's Voorbeeld? I googled a translation and it says-Example. I need to give an example now? Of what? Of being a good commentator of blogs, of being a good citizen of my country, of how I am a huge fan of James Mc Avoy? Not sure. So I am going to hit the 'Reactie Publiceren' button and see what it does :)